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Products made in China that are exported to other countries around the world must meet local safety certification standards before they can be sold in the region. With the development of international trade, the relevant certifications, customs clearance permits, cargo transportation appraisal reports, etc. required by countries around the world for imported products are also changing. For the import and export trade of goods, relevant product certification and customs clearance certification are indispensable and important documents when entering the destination country legally and compliantly and flowing into the local circulation field.

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Relevant Certification of Product and Customs Clearance


In order to meet the certificate and product certification needs of customers exporting to various countries, TOPFAN International Logistics Shipping Forwarder has set up a professional document department to provide customers with various related certificate agency application and processing services for a long time.
We do our best to provide excellent, fast, convenient, comprehensive and thoughtful services to each customer, assist in the production of certificates in a timely manner, and ensure the normal export of goods. TOPFAN International Logistics Shipping is looking forward to do a long-term cooperation with you.

The scope of business as follows:
1. To provide customers with the signature of the territorial certificate of the traditional shipping container with FCL and LCL.
2. Apply for various types of origin certification (CO, FE, FA, etc.), CCPIT certification (CCPIT certification), and embassy endorsement for clients.
3. Apply for various types of certifications involving import customs clearance licenses for clients, such as: Kenya COC certification, Saudi SASO, US FDA and FCC certification, wood packaging fumigation certificates, etc., and related sea and air cargo export reports (such as: MSDS, transportation appraisal report, etc ).
4. Other certifications: German GS certificate, EU ENS, EC EMC; US EMI; Australia EMI; Korea EMI; Canada EMI; Japan EMI


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