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What is LCL shipping? LCL means that when carrier (or agent) accepts the shipment of the shipper whose quantity is not enough for the whole container, it is sorted according to the type and destination of the goods. The cargoes destined for the same destination are assembled into a certain quantity and collect into containers for shipping. Due to the goods of different shippers are assembled together, it is called LCL. With many years of leading position in bulk cargo, we have a comprehensive system, which can provide accurate bulk cargo prices and comprehensive service recommendations according to customer requirements, and realize diversified logistics services such as the same destination port, different port exports, and different shipping company services.

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Less than Container Load Export Logistics


As one of the core businesses of TOPFAN International Logistics Shipping, high-quality LCL service has always been in a leading position in the national market and is the most reliable choice for customers in LCL shipping. Moreover, the operating model of TOPFAN is different from traditional LCL shipping. Our services are reflected in these aspects: high-quality and accurate quotation system, transparent and standardized destination port charging standards, and strong destination port agency network.
The headquartered of TOPFAN in Shantou,guangdong province and branch office in Yiwu city. At the same time, we have warehouses in Shantou, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Yiwu. The warehousing services include collecting, unpacking, repacking, sorting, packaging,loading and distribution logistics throughout all over the China. In addition, TOPFAN also provide customers with personalized DDP/DDU services such as customs clearance, cargo sorting, delivery and transportation at the destination port, and customize one-to-one bulk export supply chain logistics solutions for different customer requirements.
Carriers accept bookings for FCL cargo, not LCL cargo directly. When the LCL cargo is fully assembled through the freight logistics forwarder can book the space with carrier. Almost all LCL goods are transported through the "centralized consignment and centralized distribution" of forwarding companies. Meanwhile, the factory should be required to measure the weight and size of the goods as accurately as possible. When the goods are delivered to the warehouse designated by the forwarder for storage, the warehouse will generally re-measure, and the re-measured size and weight will be used as the charging standard. LCL export is divided into general cargo LCL and dangerous cargo LCL. General cargo LCL does not have so many requirements. As long as the packaging is not broken or leaked, there is no problem. The LCL of dangerous goods is different. The goods must be packaged for dangerous goods, and the signs and danger labels.


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