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To keep up with the changes of the logistics market in the new form, TOPFAN SHIPPING has launched comprehensive logistics products tailored for the cross-border e-commerce logistics. Mainly for cross-border e-commerce platforms such as large commodities or overseas warehouse e-commerce to provide integrated services of foreign transportation, customs clearance, sorting, packaging and delivery. For e-commerce enterprises to save the costs of logistics. customs clearance, taxes and other related charges to ensure that the entire transportation process is efficient, economical and convenient.

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Comprehensive Logistics for the Cross-Border E-commerce Shipping


LCL and DDP service, which is on the basis of the traditional brand product -- the new service segment of TOPFAN SHIPPING has been added: Amazon FBA in North America is a special line logistics service including shipping delivery,Airline delivery and First sea transportation+ end truck delivery. Can provide double clear package tax and no tax included to the door service, can be delivered to any address in the United States, such as Amazon address, business address and private address.
Southeast Asia Shipping delivery, Airline door to door delivery, Southeast overseas storage service and drop-shipping service. We ship goods in whole to our warehouses for storage.The process is managed by WMS. After consumers order online, we send to consumers by courier.
European Union countries, UK and the Middle East’s door to door service by Shipping, Airline and Railway transportation.
Through the combination of global agent network and diversified logistics resources, TOPFAN SHIPPING provides more comprehensive and superior exclusive services for cross-border e-commerce customers.

* The detailed process of LCL

1. The customer prepares the goods, affixes the inside and outside label.
2. The list of products provided by the customer in electronic version.
3. Deliver the goods to the company's warehouse in China.
4. Warehouse inspection of outer packaging and confirmation of warehousing data.
5. Goods into the warehouse, we placement of packing, customs clearance and export and ship.
6. Goods to the intended port, we placement customs clearance.
7. The company helps customers book the delivery time of warehouse.
8. Delivered to the destination warehouse as agreed.


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