Super typhoon named Xuan Lannuo weakened to a strong typhoon, the port should still be highly vigilant. (Date of 2rd,September)

The year's No. 11 typhoon "Xuanlannuo" has weakened from a super typhoon level to a strong typhoon level at 5 o'clock in the morning today (September 2), and its center is located in the south-easterly direction of Zhujiajian Island, Zhoushan City, Zhejiang Province. On the ocean east of Taiwan, 990 kilometers away, it is 21.4 degrees north latitude and 125.4 degrees east longitude. The maximum wind force near the center is 15 (50 m/s), the lowest pressure in the center is 935 hPa, and the radius of the seventh-level wind circle is 240~280 kilometers. The tenth-level wind circle has a radius of 120 kilometers, and the twelve-level wind circle has a radius of 60 kilometers.


It is expected that "Xuan Lan Nuo" will stagnate or revolve in the ocean east of Taiwan, and its intensity will weaken; it will turn to move northward from the 3rd, and move into the East China Sea at night on the 3rd. Approaching the coast, it will turn to the northeast in the coastal waters of Zhejiang around the evening of the 4th, and tend to the coast from the southern part of the Korean Peninsula to Japan's Honshu Island.

From 08:00 on September 2 to 08:00 on September 3, there will be strong winds of magnitude 6-8 and gusts of magnitude 9-10 along the southeastern coast of my country. Among them, the winds on the ocean east of Taiwan will be of magnitude 9-12 and gusts of magnitude 11-15." The wind force on the sea near the center of Xuan Lan Nuo is 13-15, and the gust can reach 16-17. There will be moderate to heavy rain in parts of eastern Zhejiang and northern Taiwan Island, among which there will be heavy rain or heavy rain (50-110 mm) in the northern part of Taiwan Island.

Water operations in relevant waters and passing ships should return to the port to take shelter from the wind, strengthen port facilities, and prevent ships from running away from anchor, grounding and collision.

Post time: Sep-05-2022