Indonesia cosmetics PI import approval letter introduction and precautions

new regulations

According to the new cosmetics PI regulations (Trade Regulation No. 36 of 2023), multiple types of cosmetics imported into Indonesia must obtain a PI quota import approval letter before entering the country. The types of cosmetics mentioned in the regulations include but are not limited to:

1. Skincare products such as creams, essences, and lotions;

2. Hair care products such as conditioners, shampoos, and styling products;

3. Makeup products such as lipstick, eyeshadow, foundation, and mascara;

4. Body care products such as moisturizers, body washes, and deodorants;

5. Eye care products such as glasses and colored contact lenses;

6. Nail care products such as nail polish and nail coatings.

Cosmetics PI application process

For cosmetics imported into Indonesia, companies need to obtain an Indonesian Cosmetic License (BPOM) from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The specific procedure for obtaining BPOM is as follows:

1. Submit the required documents to BPOM, such as product formulations, safety test reports, and product labels.

2. BPOM will evaluate these documents and then approve and issue the BPOM document.

After obtaining the BPOM license, companies need to apply for a PI quota before importing cosmetics. The process for obtaining the cosmetics quota is as follows:

1. Collect relevant application documents.

2. Register an INSW account (if required).

3. Register a SIINAS account (if required).

4. Submit an application for an import recommendation letter to the Ministry of Industry.

5. The Ministry of Industry reviews the application.

6. Schedule an on-site inspection date with the Ministry of Industry (if required).

7. The Ministry of Industry conducts an on-site inspection (if required).

8. The Ministry of Industry issues the import recommendation letter.

9. Submit an application for cosmetics and PKRT quota to the Ministry of Trade.

10. The Ministry of Trade reviews the application.

11. The Ministry of Trade issues the cosmetics and PKRT quota.

After getting the PI quota, you can handle the PI import approval letter of the product, the following is the required information for PI:

① Company articles of association and amendments (if any).

② Amendments to the articles of association (if any).

③ NIB business registration certificate.

④ Activated IZIN business license.

⑤ Company NPWP tax card.

⑥ Company letterhead and seal.

⑦ Company email address and password.

⑧ OSS account and password.

⑨ SIINAS account and password (if any).

⑩ INSW account and password (if any).

⑪ Directors’ passports.

⑫ Import plan.

⑬ Last year’s import realization report (if previously imported cosmetics and PKRT).

⑭ Distribution plan.

⑮ Cooperation contract signed with local distributors, purchase orders (PO), invoices, and the distributor’s NIB business registration certificate.

⑯ Proof of reporting last year’s “Actual Import Report” and “Distribution Actual Report” in the INSW system (if previously imported cosmetics and PKRT).

⑰ Proof of purchase or lease of warehouse.

⑱ Contract list.

After getting the quota, each subsequent import needs to apply for SKL (import explanation letter registration) and LS (import supervision report registration), this provision has not changed, it should be noted that the relevant products can be imported after getting the quota certificate.


Importing cosmetics into Indonesia requires careful attention to regulations and changes. Here are some key points to note:

1. The validity period of the cosmetics PI is until the end of the current year (December 31st). It is important to be aware of the PI’s expiration date to avoid products expiring during the import and distribution process.

2. As an importer, the company must cooperate with a local distributor in Indonesia.

3. PI declaration should be completed in a timely manner before the product is shipped or arrives at the destination port.

4. Each import of cosmetics must comply with the procedures set by NA-DFC. If the cosmetics already have a valid PI, the importer must report the import realization to NA-DFC. If the product does not yet have a PI, the importer must apply for a new PI before importing.


Post time: Apr-18-2024