COSCO: Notification of weight limit requirements for Mexican cargo

In order to regulate the weight of goods from the Far East to Mexico, we hereby issue the following weight limit rules for all port agents to follow:
The specific weight limit is as follows:

Tination Inlands Transportation Mode  Maximum Weights Allowance Dry Container Size
BasePort(Lazaro Cardenas) None Payload Specification 20’/40’/40HQ
Inlands CY Rail 27tons + tara 20’
25tons + tara 40’/40HQ
Inlands Door Rail + Truck (Single Basis) 27tons + tara 20’
25tons + tara 40’/40HQ
Inlands Door All Truck (Full Basis) 21.5tons + tara 20’/40’/40HQ

Full Basis: Meaning 2 containers are pulled by one truck.
Single Basis: Meaning 1 container is pulled by one truck.

Please attach great importance to all units and strictly check the goods to avoid delay in delivery or other extra costs due to exceeding the weight limit.
Any risks and additional costs resulting from the violation of the weight limit will be borne by the relevant responsible units. [COSCO Container Transport Trade Area of the Americas]

Post time: Dec-20-2010